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Singing peace with a smile

Over 30 women shared hymns, songs and chants from their faith traditions at a gathering in Feltham on 6th August.  Interesting connections in practice were found.  Many songs offered praise to God, and gave a vision of the oneness of the divine. Singing can bring detachment from the burdens of everyday life and a focus […]

Religious and Spiritual Experiences – what can we learn from them?

Human beings are naturally spiritual, so research shows, and demonstrate this in many different ways, formal and informal. Understanding the different ways this is expressed and how cooperation is necessary between faiths is essential for good community relations. Interfaith groups have their part to play in achieving this. So stated Marianne Rankin, Director of Communications […]

Need for bridge building post EU Referendum

Press Release 3 July 2016 Faith groups pledge to build bridges.   In the wake of the EU Referendum, Hounslow Friends of Faith have made this statement: “Hounslow Friends of Faith (HFOF) at their meeting on 30 June 2016 were saddened to note that following the result of the Referendum to leave the European Union […]

Widening horizons through walking together

Well over 50 people enjoyed brilliant sunshine as they took part in HFOF’s annual Walk of Peace and Friendship on 5th June 2016.  The route comprised four places of worship in Hounslow, visiting Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist centres.  All are establishing themselves so they can live their lives well in the local community. The […]



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