Women’s Group

Hounslow Friends of Faith has a thriving women’s group which meets monthly on weekday evenings for discussion and friendship.  Topics this year have covered ‘Gardens as inspiration for life, ‘Inspirational women’, ‘Coping with Cancer’ and ‘Preventing Radicalisation, What can Women do?’.

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For details of future meetings contact Divya on 07931 944790.


Knitting group

Our interfaith knitting group takes place monthly, in partnership with St Mary the Virgin Church in Twickenham. We meet in St Mary’s Church Hall (the Windsor Room), Church Street, Twickenham TW1 3NJ from 10.30 – 12.30.  Current projects are blankets for projects in Romania and the Gambia. Buses 281, 267 and H22 run nearby.

For more information ring Barbara 020 8892 1731


Faith involvement in End of Life Care

Provision of spiritual care at the end of life is a challenging task, and one all faith communities can help with. Hounslow Friends of Faith and the Chaplaincy at West Middlesex University Hospital are working together to offer support.

Patients want to die at home The majority of patients want to die at home and with improvements to medical and community services, this is now becoming possible. The responsibility for their spiritual as well as their clinical care will be shared between hospital and community services. The faith communities will provide the spiritual care once the patients are in their homes rather than the hospital Chaplaincy.

Conference at West Middlesex Hospital A conference at West Middlesex University Hospital during Inter Faith Week in 2013 highlighted the issues. 90% of patients say they wish to be involved in plans for their care when they die said Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders, newly appointed Co-Clinical Director for London wide End of Life Care. Dr Millington-Sanders is looking for ways of having faiths represented when plans for care provision are made. The conference was attended by over 50 people from a range of faiths including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism, a Humanist group and representatives of medical and care organisations. It was the second organised jointly by the Chaplaincy and HFOF.

Making choices while they still can Doctors, nurses and carers both at home and in residential settings need the confidence to ask patients about their wishes for this stage of life and to do it while they still have the capacity to make informed choices.

Providing support Contributions from community groups, such as representatives from faiths working in this field would be invaluable. Hounslow Friends of Faith has links with places of worship in the borough and can offer advice. It became clear that training for volunteers and faith leaders in the community would be welcome. In addition, medical staff need to know how to refer patients returning home for appropriate spiritual care. The skills required for the work include the sensitivity to know when to offer words and when just to listen and be there for the patient. Patients may wish to seek reconciliation and resolution of regrets and to be affirmed as people of worth. Some patients have a good link with their place of worship, but others may not have practised their faith for a long time. They may not wish to approach their priest or imam and will want support from elsewhere. Families may also need support before and after a death.

A training course for volunteers ran for 10 weeks during the autumn of 2014 led by the Lead Chaplain at West Middlesex Hospital.

The future Hounslow Friends of Faith are now sharing ideas with the CCG on a project to provide suitable training and support for volunteers working in the community.