Living together in the 21st Century

Event Details

‘Our differences are much more interesting than our similarities, living together in the 21st century’.  This is the interesting and unexpected title chosen by Clive Lawton for his talk in Isleworth on 18th July.  Clive is a well known Jewish educationalist, writer and broadcaster. His many years of service to the Jewish and wider community have included his role as Deputy Director of Education for the City of Liverpool with particular responsibility for planning, development and equal opportunities, being a head teacher of a unique co-ed, Jewish, state comprehensive school in Liverpool with 50% non-Jewish pupils, an independent member of the Metropolitan Police Authority (over-viewing public order policing and community policing) and Chair of North Middlesex Hospital and on the Board Leadership Group for the London NHS.

He has contributed to Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.  Clive is an engaging speaker and we can expect an entertaining and stimulating evening.

The event takes place in the church hall of St John the Baptist Church in St John’s Road in Isleworth.  It will be preceded by Hounslow Friends of Faith’s AGM.  The talk is open to all and will be followed by refreshments.

Buses H37 and 117 pass by the gate and 235, 237, 267 and E8 pass along London Road nearby.  Some parking on site or on surrounding streets.